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Steel Flags Handmade in the USA

The Stars and Stripes. Old Glory. The Star Spangled Banner. No matter what your name is for the American Flag, no one can deny the freedom and selfless courage it represents throughout the entire world. At Metalheads, we strive to give you a piece of what the flag means to us: sacrifice, honor, and timelessness. American-made, built to last, and fully customizable, our flags will make an excellent centerpiece that you can be proud to adorn your home, business, or vehicle with. Each piece is hand built and quality inspected from start to finish and offered in a wide range of customizable options. Let your freedom shine, and may the wings of liberty never lose a feather. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our flags are made with 18 gauge American made steel and American made automotive paint sealed with an automotive UV protective clear coat for a durable finish.

spacer image used to keep sizing consistent home of the free because of the brave american flag the thin red line american flag the thin blue line american flag american flag license plate

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5 star rating

New Signage

We’re very proud to display our newest signage. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Irish Cousins

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5 star rating

Awesome Creations

Just wanted to say thank you for creating my Thin Blue Line flag. While I was out and unable to come get it, you delivered it to my sister’s work to make sure she got her gift. Outstanding! Thank you for your support of law enforcement. It is appreciated, and I’m humbled by it. You guys are very talented, so I wish you good luck in all your business endeavors with these awesome creations.

Chuck B.

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5 star rating

Hanging Proudly

We’re hanging our new flag proudly on our wall. Again, thank you!!

Michael C.

american flag